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Today I became 30. Nothing has changed since yesterday, maybe everything is a bit more serious. At the age of 17 I started to work seriously on learning the basics of television journalism. Nobody understood what I wanted to do there. I wanted to learn and became the best.


A few years later I already talked to a million people night after night, made reports about serious decisive events life. I presented special and everyday stories, quite often from too close, because the camera and the television only protects the viewer, but the tv crew goes right into the story.

We helped people who got in trouble and other times we saw tragedy very closely. All this taught me to see myself and whatever happens to me from outside, to solve problems immediately, be quick and precise.

A series of serious decisions had to be made by me, recently in 2012, when I quit the world of television (maybe not forever) and came to Holland for adventures. To have new experiences, contacts, learn to break away from the comfort, to live the moment. That's why I started this blog, which again, helps me to get to know new people and interesting stories.

I think all this shaped me more serious.

photo: Gergely Lőrinczy, design: Ákos Polgárdi

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