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There is one day every year when dutch farmers can sleep in. It's a lovely dutch tradition that on Santa Claus anyone can milk cows for free when they are on the fields. It used to be a gesture from farmers, making sure people will have enough cheese for winter.


Arie van den Berg follows his parents traditions and he works on a farm. Namely on Hoeve Ackerdijk, which located halfway between Delft and Rotterdam. The place is a more than 120 years old farm and already for 15 years they're operating as an official eco-farm. It basically means that the cows graze on the fields as long as the weather lets them and no chemical fertilisers, pesticides or antibiotics are used.

Every year 6th December lots of visitors arrives to the farm. On the occasion of Sinterklaasmelken this year we also listened to stories from the past and we also met an ex fireman!

Emil van Schie served at the fire department in Rotterdam but he was looking for something new, a new challenge in his life. Farming became his passion, and he started to study it being 50 and now he is already doing his internship on this farm. As he told us it was a wonderful day to get out from the busy working days back to nature.


The owner of the farm and the staff is very kind, open and helpful, they frequently hosting school groups and presenting them the real origin of milk. It's worth it to check their website for their programmes and taste some fresh warm milk.

In this farm we also met holland's first Milk Sommelier.

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