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Hoe maakt u het?

Have you ever dreamed of to have your own restaurant? Once a year everyone can open a canteen in Rotterdam. It doesn't matter if you are beginner or professional, it's cooking and food what brings people together.

Marketing specialist, caretaker, museum curator - they all brought different views and that's also reflected on the table settings. Still, at the end of the day it was one restaurant.

Hoe maakt u het?

There's usually a weekend market on Noordplein in Rotterdam (Oogst Markt). But one evening the stalls stayed standing after the market closing hours. Wannabe chefs occupied them and brought their own skills. This was the evening of the "Hoe maakt u het?" namely "How do you make it?". Dishes were not made in hidden kitchens but open air so, many visitors arrived early to watch the cooking of the dishes from the very first moments.

Hoe maakt u het?

Miriam and Brigitte made a vegetarian dish, Mitone an oven baked mushroom bouillon and Wyke a meal from the 19th century. Just as they would do it at home! Secret ingredients, ancient family kitchen trick. By night there was't two identical tables in this big open air restaurant!

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